God, Oh my God, or perhaps there is none…

The Thought misplaced a verb and became intangible as an action,
filling the minds of a population with antiques and disarray: Pastors
beat the Darwinist rabble with holy books insisting all validate God
with their valor medals of existence.

The Action misplaced its thoughts and erected yet more monumental
bronzes for the rabble to babble prayers too, the lawn showing a curious
disarray of knee prints and other mad impressions: How to validate
either hypothesis impossible, now that the war had come, and gone.

It was a simple ignorance of motivation; a thought or an action transiting
without the mercy of love which afflicted the resolve of the combatants:
The rabble rose like a dust up, seeking to sully and disarray the minds of
the “Thoughtless,” leaving no one to validate the coupons of the curious.

Inspired by a 3 word Wednesday Prompt:

Disarray, Validate, Rabble – which I incorporated in each of three verses…


One response to “God, Oh my God, or perhaps there is none…

  1. Very thought-provoking. An interesting read, one where you have to slow down and savor. Thanks for that.

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