101 words about faithfulness and ignorance.

As tantalizing as it is, or as beckoning as it might become, to lazily leave the reasoning rooms, or to delegate to someone holier – the soul sauce of your life – all because of fear; the hastening of heat to heartbeat, and the angels disappearing – you must act like the fallen have always acted to regain the composure of their original non tainted honesty, putting away your trinkets, and beads, and rising…tho those who worship idols may tremble…

Change is what has become necessary.

…True gods will survive the onslaught of the pious, or the ignorance of the informed, but will we?


2 responses to “101 words about faithfulness and ignorance.

  1. I suspect the answer to your question is “no”++

  2. I would assume you’re correct as well, Paul… which is why it is so important that we keep the faith and not let our voises get drowned out or otherwise silenced by our lack of effort to a cause, whatever it may be. Thanks for the reminder, 1PoetforMan.

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