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No One!

spectators Imitators and Ruffians

“Liberty” is a flashlight pointing at a flag of preposterous proportions, so big only an imagination might create it…sibling twins who just crossed their hearts and hoped to die – light fire to it, and then the soldiers begin whetting the appetites of their anticipations…

“Fortune” is a coin falling from heaven into a snowbank of express-less emotions, reflecting shimmers into the eyes of unwavering penguins dressed like waiters serving dinner for all gods famished children, and then a set designer arrives to build the scene over again…

“Busy” is in the pyramid mind-crafting excuses to give to the chatter-hounds who will report it dressed as pornstars scrawled with mascara and day old dry lipstick – everybody wants to be spectators, or imitators, or ruffians shouting at podiums, but who wants to be a shape shifter remaking the paradigms?

Not you? Then no one…


Daily Thoughts

Resist change and watch yourself decay from within…

the Sound is there, but is it Written?

Yesterday, when I was a child, I didn’t think about the distance a man had to go from goodness in order to turn against a neighbor – which valve in his heart he had to close in order to meet with generals and discuss what is an acceptable casualty; how he might have to compose morality to support the creation of a distribution of lies – the kind that make mothers wail with grief after a son or daughter has died or been made to disappear.

Growing up a few miles from where farmers stacked hay and milked cows, I didn’t know that there were ghost men, stone men, vacant men, traveling in cars, or by ships and planes – on their way, silent like assassins – doing their everyday, their normal, saying, “good work” to each other. Speaking again, and saying – “We do what we do – these secret dirty jobs, so that citizens can sleep at night – not calculating how safe we were, to how unsafe we have  become.

This isn’t a poem is it? It does not look like a poem does it? I have been writing poems for years and I promise you this is not a poem. Look through the pixels of this text; squint your eyes until your pupils are focused enough to see me. I am not a make believe man typing – trying with borrowed words to make a difference. I am a human wanting meaning muscles to move specific historical mountains.

I wish I was a genie, or knew where a genie lived – do you know which door on what street I might knock to find one? I prayed and still my father beat me. I cried but my mother did not hear me. I have read what Christians, Muslims and Buddhist’s have written, but I could never get past the observation that each of these were bound by their limitations, and did not offer any real or vital way to see how a heartfelt foresight is a more vital part of a co-existing.

(You. Your voice. The wind waiting in your mouth – what to do with the sound of your yearning, your love poem, your God prayer, in a world deaf and inured to the sound of suffering?)

Daily Thoughts

Philanthropy is the redistribution of a Robber Baron’s wealth – an act of charity meant to assuage the guilt of not paying a proper wage to those who helped (with their exertions) the rich person “earn” their wealth in the first place.   

When one thing leads to another…

  1. Certainty is the biggest impediment to thinking creatively.
  2. Thinking creatively often leads to major problems.
  3. Major problems ensures somebody will start talking about faith.
  4. Talking about faith usually guarantees a heated exchange about values.
  5. An exchange about values  makes at least one side feel small.
  6. When one side feels small they tend to act out passive aggressively.
  7. Those who act out passive aggressively use terrorism instead of reason.
  8. With an impaired reason a leader will incite large and vengeful retributions.
  9. Vengeful retributions means people on both sides die, which tends to equalize the situation.
  10. This situation leads to 2 sides sitting down certain that through talk they can create a viable solution.