No One!

spectators Imitators and Ruffians

“Liberty” is a flashlight pointing at a flag of preposterous proportions, so big only an imagination might create it…sibling twins who just crossed their hearts and hoped to die – light fire to it, and then the soldiers begin whetting the appetites of their anticipations…

“Fortune” is a coin falling from heaven into a snowbank of express-less emotions, reflecting shimmers into the eyes of unwavering penguins dressed like waiters serving dinner for all gods famished children, and then a set designer arrives to build the scene over again…

“Busy” is in the pyramid mind-crafting excuses to give to the chatter-hounds who will report it dressed as pornstars scrawled with mascara and day old dry lipstick – everybody wants to be spectators, or imitators, or ruffians shouting at podiums, but who wants to be a shape shifter remaking the paradigms?

Not you? Then no one…


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