Piece a Peace

Piece a peace into a bit of peace…each and every little atom; all the small intangibles; the torn apart, the rent, the pulled, the heartbeat – beat beating…I am not a drum, and you are not a drum, and yet, and yet – we beat each other soundly.

Pace and trace and the human race. The run run, the want want, the all held together by a string; the halo around your head matches the color of my eyes and by that coincidence we are kin…the same, or so similar, why should we even speak about a difference?

Knock and sock, and rock and talk, and tumble jumble, and mumble stumble, and all together now let’s trance dance, let’s two step reflect, let’s remind each other of each other. I remember where you were last night, that’s right, we were together, but differently altered.

Now on a piece of paper, one you will not toss into a hope for a life tomorrow basket, list the dreams you are willing to trade your entire present for. Send it in a letter to your therapist or priest, your doctor or your lawyer, by God, get it stamped and notarized.

Step step and fetch all that you want from an ether. Go long for the high five bomb, bet the house, put all of your chips into one big sugar cane basket, laugh out loud about how fun your life is about to become, for to ere, is a thing of undeniable beauty.


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