Bright Star Play at, Bright Star Play at Bright Star

Bright Star Play at, Bright Star Play at Bright Star


Stay up all night, just for me. Send me a million or billion year look at you. Tell me again how it was that one day when you were a younger billow of shimmering smoke and dust.


Doubt is so very unattractive. Doubt is so sincere at its distractions. Doubt is in a hurry to prove at least “It” exists. Doubt is a blister. Doubt is a knowledgeable cancer. Doubt is not a plaything, nothing like a doggy eagerly waiting by the door with a leash, walk me, feed me, play with me, I will love you. No, doubt will destroy you.

The intelligent human will wash their hands of doubt. The holy man laughs out loud at doubt. The cripple, if they are ever to walk again, swears out a warrant against doubt.

Doubt does not seem to bring happiness. No Christmas presents are put under the tree for doubt. Santa Claus, does not come, Jesus has never existed, and Buddha may not have been a vegetarian.

Doubt is like a master reviewer, the ultimate critic, a lonely man – disillusioned.

Doubt is different than an iconoclast. An iconoclast believes in something, maybe not in the icon being smashed, but in something. But doubt believes in nothing, the all disappeared, the never might be. Doubt may look like a friend up for a cheery conversation…but do not be fooled, doubt is here to kill your spirit, and will try to, even on the sunniest of days.


The only defense against doubt is ignorance. Yes ignorance. You exist in a reality that cannot really be known, will never be understood, where all words are inadequate to describe the ineffable. Your every attempt will fail. Persist at the seeking of an explanation, and you are doomed, so says the poet, seer, or librarian.

Your only possible recourse is to submit to your ignorance.

This is the path of happiness – the path of spiritual competence – the path towards a better, more everlasting home…


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