Dear God Letter (#2)


Dear God,

In this freedom of flow moment, right now –
I do not have to be anybody that is somebody
I can just be me…a leaf, not a tree.

One thing or another doesn’t have to be traded
with anyone for anything, all that I want I already
have – in fact I was born with all that I need.

I can’t get so far out, or deep into my thinking that
I forget, that though I have visited with the villains
of despair, I am not despair…

My great great gift is that I survived the onslaught of
so much, and I have come out of that un-fractured,
a bit worse for wear, but unbroken nonetheless.

I am a free man, so my prayer to you today is that you
help me remember that, because sometimes I forget,
yeah, I forget sometimes…but this is a little matter, indeed.




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