Life is Not a Coffee Table Book


the talent to stand tall, look important, and in fact be important
is not for the stubby little baby briefcase boys without the talent
or the strength to bring buckets of emotional water to the fire of
their incapacities…no

a moment of lull is not when you sing of the one time or another
in the past that you saved a child from burning in the ancient tar
paper building, not then, in that interlude, you might better
consider resigning your position…yes

but you won’t, too fond you’ll say, of the past days of your wants
pasted in albums and casually, yes too casually, displayed on your
coffee table like a book of pretty and inviting garden pictures, but
everybody knows you did not grow those…no

(another 10 minute poem)


2 responses to “Life is Not a Coffee Table Book

  1. Happy New Year! ‘ts nice to read you back.

  2. …Thank You Brad…

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