The Prayer


By the long light, the sigh of whispers…a tip of prayer forms a wind of sound and though there be furies and the despair of journeys they abate for a moment…for a time, your time, to be with what you call a creator.

The time intentful, like shadows reaching through windows; the breaths of passion; no anxiety at being witnessed – held and soothed by that kind of warmth that is so comforting – as are the hands of good friends…

Then the mile and the mountain, the collapse not unforeseen – but neither anticipated to be taking place at the intersession of the holy; in the presence of the ineffable – wind on moon lakes, fish sleeping…

You, all the while you praying to become something other; more – better or greater – lovable and agreeable, but angels, if you want to name them this, wish only that they could trade places, to be as gods like you, breathing.

(For My Daughter Katherine)


One response to “The Prayer

  1. I love how complex yet simple your words are. Beautiful. Hope you are well. Kim

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