Poetry Futures


Hard to know what my future poem might look like
however I am sure that it will contain most of the
usual characters above, plus love, and its attendant

Maybe that’s not all true, that I will use Z, other than
as a stand in sound for sleep is not likely, no offense
but poetry, most poetry, OK maybe not yours, will
leave readers sleepy enough.

If there is a poem in the future by anyone, then it will
be a poem that figured out how to wake the damned
from their rituals of convenience, a poem trained well
enough to divert wolves from barking at breast.

(This poem generated and inspired by a Poetic Asides Prompt)


2 responses to “Poetry Futures

  1. adze? realize? zap? zit? Surely z is not so useless?
    Thanks for sharing that, it was delightful.

  2. Shawn Bird: Thank You

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