Eve or Dusk

Sometimes numbers inexplicably change, so we continue counting – hoping through the repetition of ones, twos, and threes, that one will remain steady enough to append a value to.

There was a beautiful girl from Boston.

Value is a quality all things want to be noticed as having – to be a thing suffused with dignity, of being noticed as a distinction, of being worthy of the soft or hard hand of love.

She believed, and believed mightily in loyalty.

Once upon a time there was an oasis in the mind of a child, lush with forgiveness water. Twice there was a moment of bending. Three times there was a fall and a rising of breath.

For her, loyalty was like the sum total of everything.

So what that the stars were disappearing, that fog stayed heavy, that a chance at anything is in and of itself a wager with a higher authority, that nothing can be counted on

Except the apple, and the hallucinations of Eden…


10 responses to “Eve or Dusk

  1. Very thought provoking piece….just love your last line…well said.

  2. slpmartin –

    …and Eden, oh Eden – for you, for the idea of that place…



  3. I defer to your wisdom and view. I am always impressed and blessed to read the words you give as a gift to those of us wanting to learn. Another beautiful piece. Thanks-

  4. That is gorgeously beautiful, ephemeral, somehow sad, beautifully made.

  5. …lush with forgiveness water … lovely

  6. The Emotional Orphan – “Wisdom” high praise, perhaps a bit, but this poem is mostly a kindness to my Dear Sweet Wife who has been feeling blue…

    Paul Squires – Thank you Paul, for the visit…the comment, and your support – “Gorgeously Beautiful” indeed.

    Miriam – Thanks for stopping by, and reading so many of my poems, leaving comments as you read…


  7. Love this piece. The alternating verse structures are way cool – you can’t help but anticipating the return to the next verse as a resolution to tension. And you can feel her sadness

  8. eNothing – Thanks for your comment…your support of this site, and for being a champion for poetry…


  9. Bryan Borland

    Yes, I agree. The alternating verses are enjoyable, to take them as a whole, and then to remove them from one another and let them stand alone as individual poems.

    My favorite poems induce me into activity – whether to count (as I did here), to play with the verses (as I also did), and then, with joy, to go back and read the piece – with calmness, simply as it is presented.

    A joy to read. And to experience.

  10. Bryan,

    Thank you as ever for your visit and the kindness of your reply.

    …and the reread poem, the way you do that is evidence of your deeper nature, and true love of poetry.



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