Your Concept

Sip me like honey, and you will never be thirsty…

Tag me, bag me, and remake me; tell yourselves “He’ll be
alright after our effect upon him.” Swirl me in your
culture, until you have righted me from how I had fallen.

After all, I am an affect of your construction…

Cut me, paste me and reword me; wonder how I might
splay in the book you’re writing; make me agile, because
you do know better; always will.

Me? I will not deny your crayon colorations…

Make me, me. Tell my story – guide me from the hallway
I was in, away from the handle I am not suppose to cling
too, plan with others all about me.

I’ll be your concept, when drawn thicker than thin…


3 responses to “Your Concept

  1. Bryan Borland

    I read this one aloud, and my tongue was on fire.

  2. Bryan – Thanks…for adding a voice.

  3. beat beat pause beat 🙂

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