At the arch, the bend, the breath, and the sigh;
yesterday heaving – panting – a soul cadence of
chanting – light dimness, and attentions, reverbs,
and echoes; footsteps near a door – both of us
arriving from somewhere adroitly.

At the seance – the movie of shimmers, the wall
of painting – worshiping, and genuflecting – bows,
whispers, and spells – reaching, touching, smelling –
the inconsequential memories of others, and you
teaching me to dance as only love can.

At the clock, snare snap rim tap playing; and we
are Latin with passion; dark heat night cream, star
burst mouths laughing milk sweet melodies – teeth
grazing fingers – eyes mixing fire steam into pores
of late night, once again un-lost, uniting.

At the shore of sailing, at the moment of our time –
our wave precipice, our during, our deciding, is the
new thing altogether – the smiling, the collapsing –
the felt; made again from the unmade, at rest and
finally what we have wanted to be without dying.

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4 responses to “shhh…

  1. Wow…I love the flow of this poem and the imagery and the intense emotions that I felt as I read it…kudos!

  2. Bryan Borland

    slpmartin has it right… intense is the word. The third stanza is the climax and the fourth is the sweet exhale that follows.

  3. slpmartin – Thank You for your kind words, for taking this poems journey, and for hanging in there with its intensity…

    Byran – This poem is a bit of a departure for me, its style I mean, and of course I owe it to love, its motion, and the gaze of its affection…


  4. I really like this – very powerful ~ nicely crafted

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