A Birthday Question

…No, not that it’s incredible, but more like, is it sustainable;
the years and the advancements marching in red suits
unaccountably happy to have their shoes free of fear…

…A hand, and a sliding, two maybe three moments passing,
and me guessing that a meander is as much a plan as any
other planning; under the sun working.

…I knew; as a child even, that a time would come to ask
“Will there be a later, a sprinkle or a mist or a rain to cool
what is hot in me, what wants not to burn in me?”

…Or, and this is vital, even if it becomes unimportant later,
unknowable even – are there aspects of tomorrow already
moving slow enough to remember any of this?


Poetman Turns 53, Now Say, Happy Birthday…


4 responses to “A Birthday Question

  1. A good poem…enjoyed reading it.

  2. Hahahahahappy Birthdayayayayayay!!!

  3. Bryan Borland

    Does it count if I say happy birthday a month after the fact? Of course it does.

    These words stopped me… and in fact, I read them aloud: “Will there be a later”

    Will there be a later? That is always the question. Best to live as if there will not.

    I try to always write a birthday poem. I remember turning 20, writing a farewell to teenagerdom. I wrote a fuck-you to the decade of my 20’s. I’d like to think I’ll welcome 31 with a love poem.

  4. slpmartin – Thanks…

    Paul – Thanks…

    Bryan – Thanks…

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