News Chatters Faster Than Maybe

I am a chatter house, an inscription of italics – a font,
if you pardon my word play, of sound splashing on a
stone in a yesterday courtyard with Rachmaninoff
streaming through an above time open window.

And what might they be… these letters home, these
sound shapes, these whistles – tiny lip and tongue
click clacks, but diversions from the more important
memory of me touching the shape of life’s outline?

This is how I come to stutter, to jaw drop downward,
to whimsy worry about what stops: the little gaps, the
literal memory of the too much, the wish maybe, the
taste of candy with its almost sweet certainty…


3 responses to “News Chatters Faster Than Maybe

  1. Oh, how I relate to what you’ve identified as “diversions from the more important/memory of me touching the shape of life’s outline.” Wonderful!

    I’m curious how long it took you to write such a controlled, elegant, classically-styled yet contemporary poem? My style is completely different, the sugar-frenzied teen to your pipe-smoking elder. My poetry tends to prematurely ejaculate (pardon the pun) on the page/screen without much say from my brain… meaning it tends to just happen when my muse whispers sweet nothings in my ear. If you gave me three hours to write a poem, and made me sit to write it, I’m not sure what I could produce. But if you gave me five minutes, watch out, world.

    Completely in awe of your skill,


  2. Bryan,

    There really is no right or wrong way…no proper time limits for how long it should take to write a poem. I know you know this…they each take the time they need, or they simply don’t get written.

    Typically, one of my poems takes between 5 and twenty minuets to initially compose.

    And then the fun begins, the editing…which can take hours. This poem from start to finish took about 2.5 hours to edit…

    Thank You So Very Much For Your High Praise…


  3. Big fan already, PoetMan. Especially of this one.

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