a poem or so it’s said


creativity, the utterly fascinating action that
reaches into nothing and pulls a rabbit out
of the hat of fortune, that entreats what’s
ceaseless, for more than more now –


the train whistle signaling lonesome highways,
barter baby’s bargaining with silence – or the
moor rushings of fog and dampness, mud, and
wetness – a sprig cracking distantly


make you lucky enough to meander through –
to entwine yourself within the  thicket of the
long roots of yesterday – hear the voice which
calls you, bidding – Poet, write yet another…



4 responses to “a poem or so it’s said

  1. That’s a great poetman poem. Full of style, intelligence and graceful phrasing.

  2. Good to see you back for awhile I couldn’t see your site. Will Attach you to new blog now…happy holidays!

  3. hiya, bounced to your site from Paul Squires, I am absolutely too frightened to comment on any of your works noob with a pen will burn in your kind of educated flames, I just wanted to say that I really appreciated…ummm…”advice for other poets”…

  4. Gypsy – Thanks But Don’t Be Frightened, I am just a Poetman…not a Professor…

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