Perhaps complex, but no less entertaining…

He labeled the letter with a figurehead of a dove wearing a crown;
meticulous in detail and crisply formal, he addressed the envelope

Then to bed, then to dream, then to the transit that sleep creates
from snores, tossings and turnings, and the renunciations of the

While sleeping, no thought of the journey the letter would be taking,
and no remorse for the news it was carrying or the stir it would start

The dove with the crown began molting, worrying about its role in the
eventual meltdown of the steady iron lung fulls of the sleeping mans

Someone wiser than a letter carrier will have to build bridges across
the chasms of lips despairing water, or the fear of dams left empty
from bursting…


2 responses to “Perhaps complex, but no less entertaining…

  1. Fascinating and powerful.

  2. Brad, My last 3 poems, just aren’t trying as hard – I am trying to relax instead of push…trying to listen rather then tell…


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