I got one thing to say about Iran.

Even if there was money sent from the U.S. Government to fund any aspect of the election protest in Iran, these efforts would never have caused what we are seeing in Iran if the seeds of dissatisfaction within its population with their own government were not already firmly rooted in place.



4 responses to “I got one thing to say about Iran.

  1. I think what is happening in Iran is simultaneously tragic and beautiful at the same time. These people are standing up for their rights, despite having no realistic means to defend themselves against an authoritarian regime.

    I’m all for government, but I’m also for freedom… and a fair fight.

  2. Yep! Humans are born to be free, and one way or another that boils to the top.

    And dang, won’t it be great if they revolt successfully! Yet so sad, yes, as there will be more bloodshed.

  3. Well said….but who said that the US sent money. How interesting. I guess we don’t get all the news in So. Cal.

  4. gallicman: Elements within the Iranian Government said that the protester did not represent a true protest by the Iranian people, that the protesters were agitated and funded by outside sources, including the U.S.


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