A Kingdom of Hunger Exchanged for Sustenance

In the picture were the breasts
which had fed every man for all
of time the milk of forgiveness

Even the dukes and the admirals
and the flaky boys dusted with
fine particles of powder

In the same picture but above
the breasts were her eyes which
had seen most everything

If he were fortunate her eyes
might ask him to look inward
enough to admit to dishonesty

About actions long denied, the
welding of links, the forming of
calamitous chains of cruelty.

With a little luck this would be
only as painful as a knife slicing
into a few layers of skin

Only graze the surface of a
muscle and not travel as far as
the deepest part of his heart

Not do what knives are so
famous for doing, and separate
him from his claim of a place

Lip to breast, or that this would
not make up a meaning for him
of being a man deserving

Of the ruin of doubt, the torture
of famine or the loss of the
life that a woman brings.

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9 responses to “A Kingdom of Hunger Exchanged for Sustenance

  1. Rich in imagery and meaning, I’ve had to read it several times; excellent!

  2. Janetleigh –

    Hey, how the heck is it? I mean how are you…?

    It is excellent and wonderful to read that you read this poem several times…sometimes it takes this to discover the rhythm of a poem…

    I hope you are well


  3. It is at the breast that the beast finds its sustenance and where he can disregard all that was, is and will be.

  4. TWM – Hmmm…

  5. Wonderful work, Poet Man. The last five stanzas are oh so powerful. Whenever I pick out stanzas as “favorites,” I don’t intend to discredit the rest of the poem. The first stanzas set it up, and the last deliver the punch. I love it.

  6. Julie – It’s all good…in spite of what ever I write the poem is always what the reader will make of it…so please, make of it what you will…

    It’s so true that some lines of most poems just seem to dance from the page and into a place of more prominence in the heart of the reader.

    Thanks for the visit, and comment.

    Poet Man

  7. A Note About The Poem:

    There is a supreme tension in this poem between disassociation and association and between objectification and reunification.

    Poet Man

  8. And opposite poles…and yin and yang…and I Ching…and a little dash of Epicurean [or is it Epictetus..hmm..] with ’47 Cheval Blanc.

  9. janetleigh – Pole vaulting, and cushy landings…dinners and murmurs…

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