An Open Letter to Paul Squires AKA Gingatao

poetman award


First of all I have a question. How do you seem to be everywhere at once?

Now don’t deny it. You are. Everywhere. Like air.

Some kinda champion…

I am reminded of a time traveler. I want to describe you but I can’t exactly.

I imagine a well dressed man speaking into the ear of someone at a party, of a piano player in a sleaze dive bar smoking, of a professor able to dissect and peal away the nuance of a complex thesis.

You are wonderfully multi faceted, and where you kinda frustrated me in the past, you now are intriguing the hell out of me.

A few years ago when I first encountered you on my blog I thought, here is a kindred spirit, someone I would like to smoke a cigar with and discuss what ever two fools might discuss and then I don’t know something happened, maybe I became too full of myself; pretentious even.

Ya see, I didn’t understand just how deep was your love of poetry. I made up that because you seemed to be everywhere, and comment on poetry that I wouldn’t have given the time of day too – that that somehow meant that you were not being genuine, and so I drifted away.

Oh well, perhaps I was wrong…OK, I was wrong…Ouch, I do hate to admit too being wrong.

Once up on a time I gave you the Poet Man Award, should you ever want to dust that old thing off and post it on Gingatao, you are welcome to…

The award is meant as praise for writers who take chances, and you do that, you take chances, and I think you also are reaping some rewards; at least I hope so.

Best Regards

Poet Man

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5 responses to “An Open Letter to Paul Squires AKA Gingatao

  1. Wow! Thankyou. I treasured the Poetman Award and still do. It’s a real honour. I don’t display them and it might be a bit rude to others if I started now. Being everywhere is just a result of fiddling with the time machinery. Your portrait is gorgeous, thanks for that too. As for taking chances, I agree it is part of the job, also, only people who say nothing have no enemies. Rage on, Poetman, let the glorious adventure continue…

  2. poeticgrin

    This post was an absolute delight to read and I thank you for posting it publicly. Mr. Squires is the real deal and I’m a better reader and writer because of him.

  3. poeticgrin – and I thank you, perhaps you might elaborate how Paul helped you to be a better reader and writer…

    For instance:

    When reading a poem now, what different things are you looking at?

    Has your understanding of what makes a poem a poem expanded?

    Do you now read, and comment on poems which are radically different than your own style of writing?

    Thanks Again…

    Poet Man

  4. I second, third, fourth, fifth this…to infinity

  5. Maxine – You are among the many…who are clapping!

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