Was Poetman trying to be famous or get Published by starting a Blog?

The very short answer is no, I was not – that came later…

I just wanted to write.

It’s true that before I began this blog I thought I was hot stuff when it came to writing poetry…OH, I ain’t going to sugar coat it – I thought I was already a great poet. I thought most other poetry was fairly lame, and not very well put together. I still think this.

But blogging and writing poetry every day taught me that my opinion was just that – my opinion. My reality was only my reality – a piece in a much larger matrix of other opinions about poetry. It turns out that lots of readers like the poetry that I don’t…wow, and then I learned my poetry was just one poets offering.

Ouch, I think I’ve been shot…please call Dial a Poet…

This revealed to me the problem of me being an autodidact. This cast a light into one of my poet pockets. This opened a box and let the mold out…and gee, I wish I didn’t have to do anything more than write this silly blog, I wish that this little web place of mine was bigger, but it seems just to have the size that it has…and I know that it is bigger than a bread box, but it is not the same as a Carnegie stage, and slap my hand to my head, I want to be on a Carnegie stage…

This is the “You can’t get there from here” post.

I am a narcissist. I think highly of myself, although I think lounging poolside trying to get a glimpse of myself is just about the most boring thing I can imagine doing. No, I am narcissist in the sense that I think that I am worth being looked at, of being seen, of being heard – that I have something to say…

Remind me when I am on a tangent. If you don’t know what I sound like when I am on a tangent, then read the above again.

Its all just pure frustration – the poetry and publishing thing…don’t rush to save me – well make a little motion like you want to save me, I promise to stop you, so none of us have to go through the embarrassment of Poet CPR.

On one hand ya got your useful, and on the other you have your useless. I want to extend a useful hand to the world…that’s what my poetry is – it’s my hand to the world, my way of connecting to the many hands of its many people – implying by intention, that when I touch you, that it will be with all that my hand, and by extension all that my heart has felt…


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3 responses to “Was Poetman trying to be famous or get Published by starting a Blog?

  1. Your poetry is exceptional. It’s carefully made and has a point other than trumpeting yourself. It is more than prose with linebreaks. Just those three things means it has more value than 95 per cent of what passes for poetry these days. And once again I include journals, presses and blogs. The desire to be famous is perfectly natural in a poet and is nothing to be ashamed of, it is motivated by the same force that brings to you write it and take it seriously in the first place. As for whether you can get there from here, the answer is yes. The world is changing so fast, everything is possible. The fact is, your chance of being famous by being published in journals is next to nothing seeing as how nobody reads them except the people who are or want to be in them. Rage on, Poetman, the most important thing is to not listen to the narrow minded nay-sayers, the egotists who make up rules to bolster their sense of self-importance, the pretenders, those who tell you ‘this is the way the world is, live with it’, all of them. Dream big! You are a poet, it is part of the function of the poet to dream big and to create worlds. Let the petty administrators, the clerks and editors of the world spend their lives on making rules and trying to enforce them, whilst we poets spend our lives doing what we do best, the creation of infinite possibilities.

  2. I agree with Paul completely. Being published is ace, but a small magazine has, by definition, only a small circulation. People, for the most part, couldn’t give a toss about poetry, and that is probably one of the reasons why the world is going to hell in a hand-cart. What you have done here, judging by the amount of people who follow your work, is proved the inherent potential of this medium; you have found a group of people who do appreciate poetry, and who know good shit when they see it. These people live for poetry, it is their meat and drink. I don’t think writing is about having a large readership, I think it is about finding your readers, the people who get you, the people who understand you and whose understanding in turn helps you become better. The interwebs are an anarchic place but that is their glory; you don’t have to wait for the affirmation of an editor, you can cut out the middle man and speak straight to whomever you want. I know how nice it is to see your name in print, but I am inclined to say that if you can’t find a magazine that prints the stuff you want, make your own.

  3. Thank you Paul, Your passion is clear, and you may be right about those journals…only time will tell…

    Sack Posset – I wish I could say that I have tried to get into a mag, but I haven’t…mostly because I have not found one that I resonate enough with to think, “Gee, they seem similar enough to my writing style, perhaps here is a place for me.”

    Thank you for your sentiments…and Dear Readers if you have not read Sack Posset’s work, you are in for a treat…

    Poet Man

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