Sometimes I am too tired to be interesting – undo the pretzel form of my understanding or reform the limerick of my expression; looking upon the face of love and giving thanks for another chance to utter an expression – please know, that I love each and every one of you – half brother, full sister and all of you who are kindred.

The books and piled transcripts, the trinket pencils, and feather pens – my tall hat and the beautiful rhinestones stuck to my ceiling make up a make believe night of forgiveness; at dawn the final whisper…me saying to you, I have a heart that will let you in, so do come, without malice, sharp objects, or other projectiles.


As a child enchanting birthday praises to Jesus, and raising my arms to the lucky sky of happiness, turning, falling, and laughing – not making anyone or anything wrong for the failure of the caped caper, the Mary Lamb, the debate or debacle – I’ve always smiled at the thought that tomorrow I would rise and live again.

Who had the time to plan demise, who had the desire to anticipate downfall, who wanted to waste a genie wish on disaster? Time was forever evergreen, and milk came from woman, and fire from man – I never knew then that there would ever be a you to hate, be confused by, envy or spite – but somehow overnight, the doldrums came.

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4 responses to “Sometimes

  1. Yeah, growing up really sucks.

  2. mad – what an utterly puerile response, and one that misses the point of this poem entirely.

  3. Beautiful. The first stanza of Part I and the last stanza of Part II are a wonderful complement to one another, almost mirror-like in structure. Maybe that’s not an accurate description, but I think you know what I mean. The slow start in the beginning mirrors the rapid pace to the end. I love it.

    As always, I love how the rhythm of your poetry builds into a crescendo. All of it is powerful, but I’m totally in love with that last stanza. “Time was forever evergreen…” Yes! Of course, my admiration of your structure isn’t intended to overlook the theme. Very powerful work.

  4. Julie – Thank you for the compliment, and for taking the time to dig into the sense of this piece…one day maybe I’ll finally give up this blog format, and concentrate on getting published…

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