Superman might be a liar too…

Added into the view of you standing next to superman was the sight of a world ignited by holy spirit halos over the heads of parishioners genuflecting. And despite your heroes best attempts to hold your head together, it popped, and all of your untidy digressions moved to different cities and painted graffiti on the faces of tall buildings…

Perhaps a cup of tea, or a conviviality with new philosophers might undo your resonating history of a T.V. playing reruns on an altar, or by answering an ad in a newspaper, or by placing a call to your favorite saint recalling them from their vacations, you might somehow restore a bit of dignity to the hope scenes embedded in your memory.

As a young one, pie eye searching the sky for raindrops because you were thirsty, it was perfectly acceptable to want to splash in the waters of Jesus, to have a heightened desire for his truth, and to gurgle the words of priest as approximations of what god might of meant, by repeating in a group, what was written.

Meanwhile back at the seance what is required is soft wax to mold a better dignity, vestments older than a child’s clothing, and a rustling wind to pull back grandmas gingham curtains, and might I suggest deposing superman, or sending him on an endless errand, or better yet, perhaps you could realize the calm and tranquility of fallibility.

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6 responses to “Superman might be a liar too…

  1. fantastic.

  2. I was trying to think what this piece reminded me of, and then I realised that it reminded me of you. I haven’t read you for very long, but already your voice sticks out in my head.

    Those clowns make me happy.

  3. Dame – Thanks for the song – indeed, superman never made any money, and by today’s definitions of what a heroes is, may fall short by a dollar or two…Peace

    Sack Posset – I remind myself of myself from time to time as well…send in the clowns cuz one of them is bound to make us happy…Thanks…

  4. oh no, i fear i failed in stressing the impression your piece made upon me. oy, me and the damned soundtracks. i hope i can be more specific in the future, poetmeister. i am so dreadfully out of pace. please forgive me, and be well.
    p.s. i suck.

  5. This is eminently performable and powerful.I am getting a lot of pleasure from reading this. Thanks.

  6. Brad – Thanks for taking the time to parse through this piece, as well as to put on superman’s cape and fly with it as performance piece.

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