To Succumb or Surrender, is the only Question…


somewhere there was the idea of
stopping, of letting the festers go,
of accepting a cessation or perhaps
the finding of a mercy


rubber kept a tempo of bouncing
rejections and hurt kept kissing
fading light nuances of what was

And then

a sweat bead made a necklace –
drenching a throat and dampening
some clothes with shapes and
outlines of what might be borrowed

Which of

course meant that stopping would
be a some time later idea, an after
effect of moaning about the waste
of water or fear


3 responses to “To Succumb or Surrender, is the only Question…

  1. Interesting poem… full of inuendo and hints, yet open to interpretation. A real think-piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. Bob – this poem as well my latest one, are examples of me trying out some different techniques…Thanks for the comment…

  3. Can I tell you something? Your work is starting to remind me of some of the better-known Beat poets, with its slightly-skewed, intentionally-nebulous, but resounding with an almost-hidden rationale that forces the reader to think a little. God forbid…

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