Two Poems For The Price Of One

Maybe we are not innocent

Well wishes from the lovely mean what for the ugly – what for the grandstand ladies wearing furs, or other decorations? Let’s not forgive the bunting, and the embroidered hankies waving, or the statues, let’s especially not forgive the statues their bronzed detachments.

Of complicity and the agreements

Gray eye shadowed, blinking on a tumultuous birthday – young lips innocently blowing candles – surprisingly ancient.  Are you a wrinkled baby with a dessert in one hand, and a tantrum in the other; shuddering, and crying “Bring me the daddy, or mommy who blinded me?”

Necessary to build the bones

At a park cooing like a pigeon, you show off the talon that will someday shape the entire world of our understanding, as a not too tall tot smiling into the silhouette of a sentinel tree back lit by a sun that is setting – this just before the moment we all begin chanting.

And bars of the cages of our

While back at the well, and the “OH Well” the efforts count coup on Indian battlefields – the attempts hire stargazer strategist to plot space journeys, and the neutral contort divisions, making up the boundaries they will need, to explain their intelligent indifferences.



3 responses to “Two Poems For The Price Of One

  1. Wow, about time. The last couple times I’d clicked over, you hadn’t been writing much. You’re right, maybe we are not innocent. Very cool.

  2. Very complex piece… I especially honed in on counting coup, an activity I would argue exists probably even more in ‘civilized society’ than it ever did in Native American cultures, even if they did honor it and attempt to keep it a meaningful exercise.

  3. krkbaker – Thanks for continuing to try to see if I would come back…I did…I hope that your wait was rewarded by my effort…Be Well

    Bob – “Counting Coup” don’t think many warriors today know what it meant to be a warrior yesterday…Oh Well…

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