101 Words about an Affair…seen from afar…


The unstable and moving pier undulated in a counter meter to the ocean’s swell below, and the seagull walking its beach would have needed to have been tortured before it would’ve revealed what it had seen earlier; looking askance, through a hotel widow.

Luckily for this court, there was a camera nearby…spying for scapegoats, and answers.

The slips: 1 from her body, 1 from her lips and 1 from his shadow, revealing all…

In the beginning he testified, “We were faithful, like hands holding bibles. Where she got the idea, how she decided to – I don’t know. I mean – it couldn’t have been me!”


3 responses to “101 Words about an Affair…seen from afar…

  1. Excellent! Short short story with conclusions left to the readers’ imaginations. Chock full of descriptive language and I loved the seagull/silent witness approach. Very cool…

  2. Bob and Amuirin, or should I write Amuirin and Bob…Thank You, I try, I really do, to be creative…and useful.

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