101 words about staring at the unseen…


It might have happened – had there been more time, something additional might have been explained. Still, in the dancers short life, many fine moves had been made. The shapes to which her body had formed, and the arches and shudders into which her body had contorted had expressed like an alphabet a great many things to the men, who all her life, had stared at her.

But she, being a consummate artist, had always wondered, is there a me in what they are seeing – the sum of her parts asking with a graceful perplexity, isn’t it useless to stare at beauty?


7 responses to “101 words about staring at the unseen…

  1. “isn’t it useless to stare at beauty?” But yet we, helpless subjects that we spend inordinate amounts of time and assets doing exactly that, helpless creatures of habit that we are. Food for thought…

    I finally got my laptop fixed and my health has perked up a little, so I’m afforded the opportunity to once again visit your site. It’s wonderful to be able to do so; I admire your work and thoughts so much.

  2. Bob – I once read in a novel, no I don’t remember its name, that beauty, as compelling as it is, and as much as we are drawn to it, that it was also terrifying…

  3. Oh, I totally agree. Who among us, even in our most formative years, escaped the terror of actually being forced to speak to *that* girl, the class personification of all things beautiful (at least, in our eyes)? Run away, flee before she sees your total confusion and inability to form a response! Sadly, for most of us, the intimidation becomes a lifelong predicament, and we never totally come to terms with it.

  4. that one will mess with your head if you think on it too long.

  5. amuirin – do you mean the question – …isn’t it useless to stare at beauty?

  6. amuirin – The critical word here for me is “Stare.” Fortunately for all of us, there are ways to divert ones attentions…

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