the next 101 words are about safety…

There in the makeshift auditorium, really just an open air park filled with townhouse people, and anyone else who feared the timber of their homes being taken away, a suit approached a microphone and promised a better future. This made most of the people happy, and so they shouted slogans until hoarse they went back to their hammocks, suspended from the trees.

the next buzz was of them asleep…

and the sound after that was of chainsaws cutting through the gauze of the safety fabric that was once the American dream.

Sewing would become a new fad, but not until tomorrow…


4 responses to “the next 101 words are about safety…

  1. I read this as having to do with the new president.

    But I could be wrong, he’s so prevalent everywhere. I hope it isn’t though, cus my belief in him is real, though that alone makes me worry.

  2. amuirin – Hello, I didn’t have Obama in mind when I wrote this. Although after reading your comment I can certainly see how you might wonder if I was writing about him…I to, as well as perhaps a billion or so others share your hope, that this president might be a “Every Once In A While A Genius Is Elected To The White House” kind of guy. I hope for all of are sakes that he is.

    The poem of course is a metaphor, applicable in which ever way it is needed by a reader….and if I were to name names, I could think of a great many leaders or spokespersons, who would fit the bill very nicely, of the “Suit” who approached the microphone…

  3. “the next buzz was of them asleep…”

    To me, this is the dynamic thesis of the metaphor. The American public takes great store in the expression of grand political sentiment regarding change, then falls back deep into the woods when the real work starts. After all, isn’t that what we hired HIM to do?

  4. Bob, Dang Dude – Your Up…I just really love that…you have so much brightness…I’d stand with your light any day….

    Thanks for the comment, and ya’got the point of it just fine…in a world full of sheep, ya’got your wolves and shepherds, and most days it hard to tell the differences between them…

    Be Well, and if you ever get close to the Bay Area, let me know, cuz there is a free dinner at a fancy restaurant in it for you…

    Martin AKA Poetman

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