Good Morning Angel, I Heard – it’s Christmas!


Good Morning Angel,

It’s Christmas, I know – have I told you that I am not very good at celebrating Christmas? I don’t remember if I have, I suspect not – well I am not very good at it.

But here is what I am not half bad at – expressing how I feel about you, and letting the world know in the process.

I have known you and have been with you for a while now, and I love you. I am not going to get all poetic about this statement. I am not going to use obtuse metaphoric language or distance myself from expressing the reality of how I feel by being clever…

There is still something of The Little Drummer Boy in me…

stained-glass-angels11-stained-glass-angels1If only I could be pure enough, love enough, reach enough, than I might be enough too drum for
the flowers of creation…for you, and too you…

Let me be plain: I have never met anyone like you. This is not hyperbole or exaggeration. It’s just a fact. I have not – you are different, your relation to love, and to whom you love, and what you will do for those you love, is extraordinary. You are the only person, who I have ever met, who does not stop loving – even those who have disappointed, hurt, or abandoned you.

It’s like you have an internal compass that keeps you on a steady path towards a fulfillment of a long ago and cherished promise. Like you have a dream of creating a special harmony with those who you care about, to someday have an all inclusive family – one that will never dissipate or fade away…

I am in awe of this

I wish I was more like this. That I was as steady and unwavering, and it is from you that I am learning that this sort of love is even possible. Who knew? Not I. I have read of it, heard it in song, watched movies that evoked it, but I have never seen it, felt it, or experienced it, until I met you.

Here is my special wish for you

That you know that you have this special gift. That you see it as a strength, and not as a weakness – that you see that you are a way shower, a pathfinder. That you see that this wonderful aspect of you, that extends such vigor to others, is inexhaustible in you, that it has no end – that it is through the expression of your care, that you become more and more alive, and through it, you are seen as being alive in all of your spectacular beauty as being alive, by everyone around you.

Merry Christmas Angel…


5 responses to “Good Morning Angel, I Heard – it’s Christmas!

  1. how lovely this is, Poet.

    All the best to you and yours in the new year and those to come.

    be well.


  2. Dame – Damn, did that take a long time or what? For me to acknowledge your comment…I mean…I hope you are well, and writing…

  3. Hello, Poetman. Just wanted to wish you a wonderful new year. This is beautiful.

  4. I’ve read this a few times and it is lovely. Happy new year, PM.

  5. Julie – Thanks, for the well wish, next year I promise to respond more quickly…

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