Not Knotted for Naught…


Stood as it did,
your life as a human against the backdrop of a factory or a family.

Gone as usual,
left by the crowd, to be a word one day read on the wall of an infirmary.

Made, or formed,
a figurehead on a ship laps like a dog the waters of its own inquiry.

On unknown ground near a swelling lake, you discard an idea of yourself as what you use to believe, and then watch as ghosts wager near a fire for your well trod past…each wanting to be better than a transparency.

Late, though hurried, a letter
arrives which glows with the radiant smile of someones else’s profusion.

Soft, like tissue near a heartbeat,
you prepare to absorb this difference which you have already made.

Knotted, or bunched,
parts of you then untie themselves, becoming ready for a great unraveling.


7 responses to “Not Knotted for Naught…

  1. My God, you must have read my mind when you wrote this piece. In my journal, I was planning to write about two people – intertwined in an intricate Celtic loveknot as their lives mingled and twisted about one another’s. This piece mirrors my soul at this instant. I’m speechless.

  2. Poetman, this is so beautiful. I can’t decide which is my favorite part, but I love the ghosts wagering “near a fire for your well trod past…each wanting to be better than a transparency.” Very powerful.

  3. the last two stanzas/lines, especially.

    It made me think, too… about the tissue near a heartbeat. It’s tough stuff, the heart muscle, yet we make it the seat of so much that is fragile about us.

  4. Lovely. Really lovely. I thought I’d already said that but apparently not. And I love Amuirin’s observation too. So how are you?

  5. Happy holidays. The best for 2009 (good health, happiness, dosh)

  6. …It seems almost too far back for me to comment on your comments…Let me, and by the grace of your patience just say…I very much appreciate them…

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