two bits and a few odd pieces…of glass



Mist and a warm rise of transpiration move towards a cloud
in heaven – a poet steals a sound from silence, binding it with
some letters into a word, and when this word is uttered, it
will be Adam giving enough air to a whisper to create God –
and this will stand as God until another thief steals the sound

Sending it to

The lips of someone else departed, grave bound – but
not forgotten…


Intelligence wants what holy has, and specks of sand erode and
blow from high places, swirling down into deserts, or the sand
molds itself into beach castles of fantasy – miracle moats filling
with accidents of ancient oceans. But what the sand really wants
is to heat itself into an easily seen through cohesion of glass.

Or we say

“We have no idea why we haven’t said it before – “OK, we do
wish we were more transparently grateful…”


On a shore near Murano, an artist blew a bubble of glass as big
as the world and said, “Dante take this bauble, and make sight
worthwhile as an undertaking by someone other than a poet or
a fool, and if you should drop this, bring back each of its pieces,
and I shall make from it a kaleidoscope

Which each of us will be able to use

To see bits and pieces of a magnified whole” and believe me,
that’s exactly what happened…


4 responses to “two bits and a few odd pieces…of glass

  1. I love the last stanza. This is one of those I will have to read again, and still again before my brain can get the sense of *its* whole.

  2. Hello. It’s so good to see you here. I agree with amuirin’s comment above. That ending is brilliant. Part two has so many powerful sounds. I can hear the sand swirling. I also love “Intelligence wants what holy has…” Very powerful and beautiful. Much food for thought.

  3. amuirin – Thanks for your visit – kind words, and your willingness to read this or any of my poems more than once. Perhaps it is a drawback of my writing style that my meaning is not immediately on the surface evident…OH well…Peace

    Julie – Thanks – I like that you hear the sounds of this poem – that the sound has power…also that you identify this poems pivot point “Intelligence wants what holy has”

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