Boston Boomer At “The Confluence” Is A Putz

Hello BostonBoomer – nice name, by the way it really is OK that you erased my comment from you post, I mean it’s your blog right?

My comment:

It must be so very frustrating to have had control of the White House for 8 years – the Senate and Congress for at least 6 years – to have made such a mess of the entire country, and then to have blundered into nominating an old man and his barely coherent cutie…

If Obama is elected, Republicans will have only themselves to blame – it won’t be because Obama pulled the wool over any ones eyes, but that the last 8 years of Republican rule has opened the eyes of the electorate…

And after you erased my comment, I naively left another:

Nice Free Speech Forum Ya got here, and by the way thanks for deleting my comment – That’s mighty Republican of you…

And that’s when you revealed yourself to a be petty putz – cuz ya edited my comment to read: is my first day out of troll camp and I just don’t know what to say…and then you signed me 1poet4myego…

Thanks BostonBoomer you rock!


6 responses to “Boston Boomer At “The Confluence” Is A Putz

  1. Whatcha doing hanging out with idiots, PMan? How you doing, by the way. I’m still reading. Jxo

  2. Jo – it was temporary insanity…what can I say, the election over here is heating up, and I forgot for just a moment that on this blog I try my best to keep my head above retaliatory waters… thanks for sticking in there with me…as I explained in a previous post – I am busier than I have ever been, with my business…I will be back in a day or two with a new poem…

  3. you had my wholehearted agreement at ‘Boston’ . . . you had it at Boston.

  4. geez, did you expect anything different from them… 🙂

  5. Scott – I did expect a reaction of coherence – Silly Me!

    Marc – Thanks…

  6. Rage on! Poetman. Sounds like maximum fun. No point preaching to the converted, right?

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