Time: Tempo Has Been Beaten Already…(From the archive)

A rash of desert, a wave in a mirage, a slight incessant sound – I might, but don’t think I can remember, what one thing, is already another thing entirely. Is she a dancer somewhere else; a hint of perspiration on someone else’s lips?

Sparkle flash store window late night – shopping for which tap of whose shoe on what pavement – this street or the next – chameleons and geckos indifferent to snake ssss stare into star cold frigid air – my internet head, my eye TV, my ipod ear…straining.

She, he, you, or I – innocent; living out family strategies; hoping that an announcement will slip itself under a door, and tell us where an edge worth jumping over for lives…and make no mistake – a frog, a rabbit and a kid will jump at any chance to be loved.

And the souls – your soul, my soul, all souls burn energy remembering, or are trying to remember a whisper, the one before birth – what was said, by whom. How are you or I, or is any one else supposed to respond…to what we may never have ever even heard?

(This entry was first posted on November 12, 2007)


9 responses to “Time: Tempo Has Been Beaten Already…(From the archive)

  1. Ephemeral moments! I particularly love this: “trying to remember a whisper, the one before birth – what was said, by whom.”

  2. this is so incredibly deep.. i feel an inkling to save it and reread it several times in different incarnations of this life,, and see what feelings it evokes…. thank you for resurrecting it from the archives,, too often masterpieces such as this are buried way before they have seen the light of day they deserve…..

  3. Beautiful. Thanks for re-posting. It’s well worth it.

  4. “whose shoe on what pavement … all souls burn energy remembering”
    Interesting how each of us as individuals take something different from it. I read it back then, but did not consume it. Now am consuming mass profundities, for which I thank you.

  5. Jo – Yes, all those that come and go – but somehow still remain as memories – and how something of the collective unconscious is held be each of us…but just out of the reach of being fully understood…Thanks For Coming.

    Paisley – It’s strange how some poems don’t find a home with people, until they are given another opportunity and read again…Thank you for the compliment…and I hope you do read it again…again…

    Museditions – This is not an easy poem to read – it takes time to find its cadence…thanks for taking the time…

    Julie Buffaloe-Yoder – Thank You for the visit and the compliment…

    Be Well All…

  6. So true and so touching. I definitely feel like one of those souls, trying to remember the words whispered to me by Her, right before I was born.

    I’d like to think it was “Love you, honey….have fun!”


  7. Hello p-man, love this one, I put you in my googleyreader but this didn’t show up? Anyways, I’m reading, though I am off on holiday today. J

  8. This is interesting, for sure.

  9. Thank You Grace…johemman…Mollie Bryant

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