My Latest Trip to L.A.


What…and tranced, and all of L.A. at a glance.
A beach in heaven bronzed gloriously with legs
and arms – goddess breast and the biceps of

On a balcony overlooking a marina I smoke and
make plans by dividing one thing into another
from something I subtracted from something
I have done already.

An ancestor laughs, a bell rings, and a myth maker
drives past smiling, talking on the phone about the
someone he chained this morning to a calculator
“until all of my rightful money has been counted.”


In L.A. coconuts don’t fall from palms – no one
seems distracted, the city roars with “sighs” – each
emanating from a multi colored mouth within a head
perched on an elongated throat –

From children rolling across lawns – from guys wearing
various hats, ridding in cars yelling above the music
“I just got my skin decorated with a map of a more
manly demeanor.”

Fuck fuck and shit shit, everyone here itches to be
rich, and should this city’s poets ever be paraded to
the courthouse to explain how their poetry has a
place within the din, this city will be doomed to silence.


15 responses to “My Latest Trip to L.A.

  1. Sweet mother! That was beautiful!

    Thank you.

  2. I can’t remember if I have asked you this before, but would you like to contribute weekly to The Peace Tree?

  3. part II is outstanding–loved it

  4. this has a very beat feel to it,,, i like it,, but i would be even more interested in your own interpretation… i feel there is a lot in here that i have to fill in,, and while i am ever so willing to fill it with me,, i would love to know how exactly,, you have filled it in with you….

  5. Being a native southern Californian, I found this piece to be an interesting perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on us Angelinos! šŸ˜‰

  6. Thepoetryman – Thank you for your heart felt compliment.

    Thank You also for your invitation…I have a lot on my
    plate at this time and cannot accept the pleasure
    of writing for your site…Peace.

    Scott – Thank you…and some times as a poet I do feel
    out – standing – alone…so your words are a comfort.

    Paisley – Thank you for your visit…I have read bits of your blog and of course your many comments left on other blogs I visit, and these I have enjoyed…

    And thank you for your challenge, but of that I must decline…the poem is already my way of saying everything I had to say on the subject…for better or worse – clear or not clear.

    It is not my practice to open the meaning of my metaphors – it seems possible that that would cheapen them…and besides my meaning making about the poem would disallow your obvious vast ability to create from the poem meaning that is particular to your own experience.

    Grace – Although I have lived in the Bay Area for the last 31 years, I too am a native of Los Angeles.

    I recently was in the L.A. Area and this poem was inspired by that visit…Thank You…

  7. Loved the ending. For me endings are what makes a poem.

  8. I just found you from Billy’s post. Wow! Sorry it’s taken me so long to discover your work.

  9. During the riots, palm trees were set on fire. It was like watching HUGE roman candles shooting flames into the night sky as the city burned burned burned. Man, nothing like a good riot.

  10. I am in awe! I didn’t think that a poetry blog would ever get attention but after reading here I realize that I was wrong.

    Have added a blog roll

    Thank You!

  11. Billy The Blogging Poet – I too have always cherished a good ending…a fine finish…

    Jo Janoski – Thanks for taking the time to visit…

    Mad – LOL…unless your the palm tree…

    Don – Thanks for giving me some of yours…attention I mean…visit florescence, she is on my blogroll, and her site is almost entirely poetry…different than mine, but solid and good. Good Luck

  12. That last stanza was just freakin’ awesome.

  13. amurin – Thank You, I like your visits and your comments – I hope you are well – I do visit your blog every few day, and although there is much to comment on there – I find myself absorbed with a great undertaking these days and I have so little time…ain’t that an awful excuse….? But it’s true…Be Well.

  14. No worries. I can well understand.

  15. 1poet4man,
    That is what I thought you might say.
    Oh well.
    “You can’t have everything”
    I often say to myself.


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