…links and missing links…

Some elastic stretch or a yawn
opening to a vista of awakening –
there were drama dragons eating
yesterdays until the memory of
them disappeared completely…

And the “Boo-Hoo’s” sunned
themselves remembering categories
of stories – times and places, and
the names of meanings they once
gave to belonging.

Ask the thirsty if water has no
taste, and the visually impaired if
mirrors reflect detail or outlines,
and then ask the kinesthetic what
part of life is matter over mind


5 responses to “…links and missing links…

  1. great close to this one. Good to read ya, again, PM.

  2. “Well, I’ll just give him a click, what the hell…” and as a semi-kinesthetic, I was rewarded for my efforts. Welcome back.

  3. Jo – and i thank you for that ….

    Bob – thanks for the click…and for checking back – cuz ya’ never know…

    Peace to the both of you…!

  4. joelburger

    Pretty poem. Kind of RED (always better than dead).

  5. Thank You Joel, and as for better red than dead I say as a poet better read than fed…

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