I’ll Be Back Someday 1964 – Howlin Wolf

OK, it won’t be forever – but as you may have noticed I have not been here – I am kinda of gone, but definitely not out – think of me as over there chasing a rainbow.

The task now is to concentrate very sharply on something I have been trying to accomplish for about 13 years.

I have a business – it’s a way that I try to make dough – I know the rumor, that I am a prince living in a castle in Spain; but that is simply not true, and besides it is an understatement – I am a king looking for the country that will have me…so far…not quite.

So back to the business thingy, I am close to something that’s either very big, or is just the kind of fizzle that not even an idealistic child could appreciate.

I won’t know for awhile…

I blogged faithfully for about 11 months – and did I ever learn a whole lot – about myself, my readers and how to write even better than I thought I was writing before I started writing this blog.

The blog has been a sort of baptism.

The thing is, to do what I have wanted to do, turns out to take a lot of time – and last I checked, there really are only 24 hours in a day.

When I was active as “Poetman” I would wake up at 5:30-6:00am every morning and write and write and write – even a short piece on this blog takes me 4-6 hours to complete and the long pieces might take 10-11 hours – guess how much work I got done (the kind that pays the bills) when I did this? Not much….OH boy…and brother, and now may I add a jeesh…and a friggin frig.

I loved this fucking blog and I bled for it, and for the craft of it…and for you and your comments I yearned – and still do…

So thank you for patiently allowing me to write for you…its been a pleasure…

This thing – lets call it the “BIG ANONYMOUS” is awesome…it has many facets and a hoard of details, did I mention “Details”, that’s strange, I thought I had..

I have kept my real name off this blog, not as an affect – “Poetman” and” 1poet4man” were devices, stand-in’s for my real name – I kept my name private because the people who buy my service might not understand some of the poetry I write, or some of the daily thoughts I use to write – I stayed undercover, so as not to frighten the poetically ignorant.

In my business, in my geographical location, my real name is known – I am a minor somebody – wow, it only took 51 years to become a minor somebody…for me, privacy is a necessity.

So I will give you a morsel, not really a morsel, but a few details from the teeming swarming hoards of details.

I have 1 other blog and 2 other websites – they’re for the business thingy I was writing about just a bit ago. Guess who has to write for them, OK 3 guesses, thats right…ME. I have to write for 3 other sites…and it ain’t poetry I write, although I do bring to the task a bit of flare…if I do say so myself.

What I write has to very meticulous, and it has to be about the business thingy…and I simply can’t write poetry and write about the business I am in at the same time…it takes a different kind of head, engages way different synapses, and it’s fun – I mean I love to write – but it’s too strenuous for me to do both kinds of writing at the same time…

I have an archive of poetry in my file cabinet, maybe another 50 poems to edit and post – I will be back to do this…and I will write more…and post those poems as well, but not now…I can’t…

I wish I could personally thank each of you…for the encouragement you have given me…but I would want to do that perfectly…write a poem for each of you, maybe a song…but I just can’t, I do not have the bandwidth.

You are on my blogroll, and you are at least there, close at hand, so that I may visit you in the near future…when time comes to pass…

Thank You


AKA Poetman


14 responses to “I’ll Be Back Someday 1964 – Howlin Wolf

  1. Go be successful… that’s all any of us would want for you. We’ll be around…

  2. Oh Poetman, got a wee lump in my throat. I hope you are a huge success, thank you for all the wonderful writing, I’ve enjoyed my visits here. You’re special.

  3. Good luck, Poetman. Visit on occasion.

  4. *kiss on the cheek*

    ty for all the many beautiful words

  5. I’m patient, Poetman. I’ll be here when you have time. Good luck with your business.

  6. Enigmatic wordsmith, you remain in my heart wherever your writing lands. Curious, of course. Best of luck with the business thingy; come see us when you can. πŸ™‚

  7. MC is awesome, like a rapper. You are now MC poetman.

    But I know and understand that shit about making a living.

  8. i am glad to have found your blog and i do hope you keep writing.

  9. Bob – You are the man…Thanks for the support…

    Jo – Thank you for writing that I am special…

    Mad – Thank You

    amurin – Thank You, cuz ya know I think you rock…

    Paul – I hope you aren’t bored when I get back…

    muse – I always love to get a comment from you…and when are we going to hear you sing…I have been good, and staying out of trouble…

    peggynature – Thanks for the new moniker…

    Meander – thanks for the visit…I’ll be back from time to time…I have not abandoned ship…

  10. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Aquiline.

  11. Aquiline – The point was I was trying to let people know that I was going out to powder my nose – but that I would be back…someday…

  12. Howlin’ Wolf…yes!!!

    PoetMan, I’m so glad you’re back!!! And I’m so glad I found your site after you came back, so I wouldn’t have to miss it.

    Now I’m really intrigued about what your day job might be. Hmmm…my imagination’s already spinning.

    I’m a nobody, but I have to work days, so I know what you mean about time. The days get so hectic. The good thing about my day job is that I have lots of bastards to write about. Eventually. I have to remove myself from the scene before I can truly see their humanity and not turn them into cliches.

    Thanks so much for this beautiful site. Please keep posting your poems!

  13. Julie – When trying to figure it out – what I am doing – please make me someone who has accomplished what he set out to do….:) Thank You

  14. His real name was Chester Arthur Burnett. His last name is not African, his ancestors took the name from a landowner. His real African family name is lost.

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