Innocent…or at least not guilty…

I have been as alone as anyone;
a pearl hidden from other pearls –
shut in the mouth of an oyster at
the bottom of the sea; amongst
the shell bound sleeping.

I was alone like that again in a room
full of people speaking. I don’t think
we knew how to be different, so we
painted lusters and memories onto
each other like skin.

And, our hope was:

One day to band together and form
a strand – idealistically wanting one
day to leave and overcome being
alone or hidden deep in an old woman’s


8 responses to “Innocent…or at least not guilty…

  1. I got shivers, chills, and I think, oysters from reading this. I have tears in my eyes. I have just come from a party. It wasn’t enough for it to be “just” a party, there was an “activity”. I wasn’t good at it. Your poem was my evening; my fear your last stanza, hope unrealized. Oh my. 🙂

  2. I relate to this one, PoetMan… the desire to strand is basic, I think. Few of us can endure the idea of being shut away in your beautiful, metaphorical drawer. This one finds the universal constant that most people yearn for… acceptance among others.

  3. Poet,

    I believe that this is my favorite of yours so far. The comparison of the pearls and the lonely, brilliant. I loved this. kim

  4. museditions – I live for comments such as yours…and now I live again…

    Bob – its a pity more do not know this…That what most of want is to know that each of has a place of outstanding luster on that strand worn by the corn goddess at the May fair…

    krkbaker – OH a new favorite…Thanks…

  5. Yes, this might be a favourite of mine too.
    These lines:

    so we
    painted lusters and memories onto
    each other like skin

    oh, Poetman, this line is special.

  6. You seem to be taking some time off from blogging in the spring, too.

  7. Beautiful poem. I actually have a day off from work…yes! And I’m reading backwards to see everything I have missed on your site. This poem brings tears to my eyes. It’s exquisite…like the pearls. That last stanza is a punch…deep in the soul. Beautiful.

  8. Julie Buffaloe-Yoder – Thank you, I wish for all of us to be seen as luminescently as pearls with the choice to be gathered, hidden or free…

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