New York

Dear Readers,

I am in New York on a family matter, what can I say, I thought I would be able to continue to post as I have done 3 or 4 times a week – but no…there is just too much to see and do here.

This afternoon I leave for Boston for another 4 days and then this blog will return to its regularly scheduled programming.




What was it about my last post that caused such a hush of silence? mmmm….


6 responses to “New York

  1. I did wonder where you’d disappeared to, wish I was in NY.

  2. Hey, Poetman… I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been out of town for seven days. Sometimes the real world intrudes, know what I mean? I’ll catch up…

  3. Me out of town also. Jealous. Wish I was in NY. Safe trip. k

  4. Hope you’re having a wonderful trip…I’m off to Vegas, myself, for a week of ‘work’ in Sin City. I look forward to reading you when I return.

  5. Topic A: Lots of people traveling these days. Really hope you’re having a splendid time! Am jealous regarding Boston.
    Topic B: Scary, man!

  6. Jo – It was my first visit to New York…and it was awesome, amazing really…

    Bob – I knew that…so of course you are forgiven – not that you need forgiving – I just felt powerful for a moment…Thanks…

    krkbaker – awww don’t be jealous – I must have walked 50 miles while I was there, and now I have to buy a new pair of shoes… 🙂

    Grace – …and what kind of work does a woman named Grace do in Sin City 🙂 I hope you return safely with at least some of your money left…By the way when I was in Times Square my love said that it was a lot like Vegas, which for me is hard to imagine…excess x frenzy…

    museditions – Thanks for coming – I always like it when you do – as for Boston, I liked it more then New York, it is very beautiful, and it reminded me of San Francisco…”Topic B” do you mean the poem – yea, it is kind of scary…

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