When a mother loves a child, redemption becomes possible

motherand child


An arrangement of thoughts in the head of a
believer dances the woozy dance of a trance
hypnotized prayer maker partnering from time
to time with deliverance.

This is the day a saint sits drinking tea in the
vestibule of a church, wondering if his doubts
might ever bring him closer to understanding
the mysteries of motherhood.


Water of mother wash me, milk of mother
quench me, tear of mother save me – we are the
sons of women – who loved, stilled and
calmed our worries.

This is the day a hungry man will kiss the softness
of his lovers breast, cognizant of her faithfulness
and then sleep to the sounds of her singing –
dreaming of family.


Paint me mother and draw me loving and thinking
the most profound thoughts of others in the
university of your life, within crowds of beautiful
people who are laughing.

This is the day reason can fall apart, the day races
may be won by long shots, the day a boy will emerge
from a cave speaking a wonderful and comprehensible


Feel me mother, touch my forehead, watch the
trembling lips of my terror – sooth your troubled
child kneeling in his room, praying that his efforts
will not go unnoticed.

This is the day doves leave the pool of Lourdes
healed, this is the day firecrackers announce new
seasons, the day judges adjourn from criticizing
children and the innocence of their pleasures.




Mosaic by Beth Norton


5 responses to “When a mother loves a child, redemption becomes possible

  1. Every book ever dedicated to mothers should include your poem at its origin. Maybe the most in-depth tribute to the value of motherhood I’ve ever read. Pure genius…

  2. Poseidon's Muse

    *Sigh* What a beautiful tribute to the wonderful and magical woman who bore you from her very Soul. She must be a truly magnificent Spirit.

    Your words never fail to inspire me Poet Man [I am so glad that I stopped by today ~ as I am everyday ~ since you truly never fail to impress me with your wisdom and insight]. You are adored.

  3. Poseidon's Muse

    My previous comment either flipped itself into oblivion (or is being held for moderation). Whichever the case, I absolutely need you to know that this poem touched me on a very profound level (*sigh* ~ what a wonderful thing to read first thing in morning). Thank you for your inspiring thoughts and words today Poetman. You are a truly beautiful soul and your Mother must be a truly incredible person for having bore such a creative and insightful son.

  4. I am a mother. After reading your poem, I want you as my son.

  5. Bob – You have depth and range – from “Not Quite Right” to understanding the sensitivity of Poetman…you get more interesting all the time…I owe you a fine cigar…

    PM – I hope you do not mind that allowed both of your comments – they were both so wonderful I did not wish to part with either…peace and thanks…

    janetleigh – Thank you, and my feeling is all children youg or old have these sorts of feelings of love for their mothers…although they may lack some of my language skills and maybe have let their anger blind them from expressing it fully – if at all.

    I loved my mom, there ain’t two ways about it… Some day I’ll write about how I went from being her pin cushion and whipping post, to a man grown with understanding…but not today…Thank you All…

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