Oh my, another hedge…


It might have been in the morning
after complaining I’d been lonely in
a dream – waking and forgetting
what was resolved; that I realized
I was a vague expression.

I inhaled the days first cigarette and
a strong cup of coffee, and then I
walked over to my neighbor the
freelance miracle worker, and of
course he wasn’t home.

So I stole his newspapers

My dreams and their details were in
all the papers – not exactly as I recalled
them, but close enough. Every word had
been carefully placed in a column by the
up at dawn men.

Let me explain

I have carefully followed in the footsteps
of men all my life, and it has taken a lot of
stair climbing and comparing myself to
others to finally give up on the fallacies of

But then

I check my wallet to see if I am still a card
carrying member of the loyal order of ladder
men and well, of course I am. So I prepare
to either climb to heaven one rung at a time
or free fall to hell.

Either way it should be an interesting journey…


Image by Rodney Smith:


10 responses to “Oh my, another hedge…

  1. Fascinating……like how this went.

  2. It’s a story poem; at least the way I read it.

    Again with the strong ending, this time more a picture than the sound of the words.

  3. I really liked this.You sound just like a friend of mine.I don’t know you do I?

  4. It should be a fascinating journey indeed, PM. Loved the newspaper imagery, following in the footsteps of men, and especially the phrase “fallacies of
    adequacies”. Wonderful wordpainting, better than dessert.

  5. The Loyal Order of Ladder Men are, no doubt, proud to claim you as a member. Your neighbor, the freelance miracle worker (Lord, how I love that description) deserves the description of neither. Amuirin is right, I think. I identified with this one a lot…

  6. Great piece and great pic.
    I really enjoyed this little journey.

  7. Jo – Thank You…

    amuirin – you know whats awesome about you is how you get that sometimes I paint with sound, and sometimes with pictures…Thank You…

    diamondsandrust – Thank you for your visit…and I don’t think we have ever met…it’s nice that I sound familiar though…

    Bob – Looking out from somewhere on a tall ladder I think I can see you – lets wave at the same time and see if indeed its true…1, 2, 3, OK, now wave…and again…and again…

    museditions – Oh the painful fallacies of adequacies…ouch! Thanks for coming around…

    krkbaker – Thanks for taking the journey with me…and that picture – I wonder what ever he could be looking at…?

  8. This ended too soon…. and yet I’m left satisfied. What a great piece!

    “I check my wallet to see if I am still a card
    carrying member of the loyal order of ladder
    men …..”


  9. Brilliant. Very close to Raymond Carver’s style. Loved it.

  10. spasmicallyperfect – you are awesome – thank you for your comment…

    bookcrazy – Thank You, now I’ll have to go read some Carver to find out how close…

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