In the shadow of first light, before day or
night or any breathless whisper – the torrid
worshiped the turgid, and love was not a
restriction or a curfew.

If you had said “it’s hot” you would’ve missed
which laws were melting, what tempo was
beating, whose skin was burning or what mind
was enlightened or brightened.

Heart flesh womb wounds panted and clawed –
emerged and crawled, spoke saying to others,
“grasp and cling, and emanate your passions
as illogically as believing.”

Arias sail from windows, and gypsies float stairs
into the aura of your apartment, serenading and
wishing you and your lover as fine a death by
fire as is possible.


10 responses to “Torrid

  1. Yea, there can no longer be any doubt, you’re back. Raw as rough sex and gentle as passion’s afterglow, I especially liked “the torrid worshiped the turgid, and love was not a restriction or a curfew.” I really connected with this one, Poetman.

  2. Good one, I really enjoyed the rhyme scheme, lovely flow, and great images, especially the last stanza.

  3. That ending packs a punch to the heart place.

  4. yes please… the shadow of first light

  5. That third stanza is awesome…

    word by word

  6. Was this an ode to global warming by any chance?

  7. A raw and really gutsy piece. Good on you!

  8. Bob – It’s always a pleasure reading your comments – I look forward to them, and yeah I am back – well sorta…

    Jo – Thank you, I like it too…but my favorite one is the third one…

    amuirin – Thank you for visiting and commenting – The ending is a punch or an explosion – I can think of no finer way to burn…

    onemorebeliever – I love that line…

    gautami tripathy – Thank you, as I wrote before it is my favorite…it feels like its got it all…

    mad – It never occurred to me that it was an ode to global warming – mmmm, maybe…

    keith hillman – I like that you wrote that it was raw and gutsy – for me to write something like this means I have to take some chances…

    Thank You All…

  9. Glad you gambled with this one – it’s a winner!

  10. Tumblewords – Thank you…

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