If she were to visit more often, this is what she might say…


Oh Poetman, you *are* a King! I sigh when I read your
poems, because they make me feel expressively and
wonderfully alive!

If your words were not just sounds and were composed
of the finest strands of silk…then I would request that a
dressmaker sew a richly brocaded gown from your verse,
such that I might walk amidst the worlds finest gardens
(as a Queen).

This garment would express your heart’s soul, and I would
wear it proudly for everyone to see…with poise, elegance
and dignity.

Dear Heart…continue to write and be inspired…I as your
Muse will never be far away…


7 responses to “If she were to visit more often, this is what she might say…

  1. [blushes and melts]…

  2. very handsome piece, sir.

  3. Hey! I didn’t give you permission to quote me! Lovely piece, poetman. You inspire me to write a note to myself from a secret admirer. Thank you.

  4. Thank You All, and please note that the muse I was writing about above is my partner, and amour…however each of you have inspired me in the past…

    Jo – Kindness and some wonderful poetry…

    PM – Well phrased praise – such that at a dark time it helped me continue writing this friggin blog…

    Dame – Honesty and humor and an interesting self reflection…and many is the time I have envied your ability to just let go and write.

    museditions – Your visits here are always a pleasure and recently you had a post about organizing your office space, and I don’t know how you did it but somehow my entire office has been reorganized…

  5. It must be nice having a Muse who talks to you… I speak to mine, but so far it’s been a one-sided conversation. Maybe I shouldn’t have pissed in her geraniums. Oh, well…

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