the Echo of love…



red eye opened and saw what the
mind part did not want, or was
unable to see

that once upon a time the
ruby of a king was kissed by
beauty and made to bleed.


or otherwise open a tantric mood
swing, hold me, and make me believe
someday it will be OK to see, and

then you tell me a story and calm the
affliction in my eye and ask me
to close it from time to time.


walked by Goths to Spain past slain
and conquered cultures is like a fan
who reads that

Kerouac lived with his mother – that
Sylvia ignited her hair helter skelter –
that Sexton touched her daughter.


to release my eye from prison, make
disappointment go away, or help me
live my life differently;

later if I revert to old ways, please
return and sit next to me, smooth my
covers and gently wash my face.


15 responses to “the Echo of love…

  1. Well, I am very glad that you labor over this. I think I know how you feel.


  2. This, a really amazing poem, sir. The structure is a real treat to the eye. Causes me to re-read those first couple -words- in each stanza, thus repeating, echo-effect really works here. I just love this. Great work..:)

  3. Like the style you’ve used in this – the words are exquisite and the thoughts startling and rewarding!

  4. Some things are worth the wait… like this. Nice job! 🙂

  5. Your ruby image kissed by a king and made to bleed is just amazing. It seems to thread right through the poem like a jewel bleeding precious metals. Awesome.

    Each poetic image is like a cameo click of stages in life.

    Totally beautiful!


  6. Reads like a parable of great deeds blended into our everyday needs, challenging our heroes and ourselves… stunning and beautiful.

  7. Exceptionally good. Really loved this.

  8. i only wish to one day write poetry like this…this was magnificent.

  9. There it was again,

    just a little tiny bit of Whitman
    worked into a bit bit of you.

  10. Beloved Dreamer – Thanks for appreciating the labor…

    Janet Leigh – Thanks for noticing the echo effect…I never know how these things will play out when I diverge from standard verse formats…This time it seemed to work out…

    Thumblewords – Thanks, its nice to know that I can startle and reward…from time to time…

    texasblu – …and sometimes I have to wait and then wait – write and then rewrite…

    Bob – I always like your comments, as I do this one…I do believe there is a poet lurking just beneath your humor…Be Well…

    Jo – Thank you…I have been trying to write a bit more simply…

    zaphodfreek – ahhh…why thank you

    rebecca – although your compliment is high indeed and you may think my poetry is a benchmark of sorts, It is my voice, and you have yours, and that is all you will ever need to be the writer you are and the writer you will someday be…Thanks

    amuirin – You are awesome, and for you to write that there is tiny bit of Whitman worked into a bit of me is wonderful…By the way what is “*gib?”

  11. Gemma Wiseman – Hey I almost forgot you – sorry about that. I am blushing right now…wait a moment while I regain my composure…OK, I am better. Thank You, I really like that you got the tread and noted it in your comment…BE WELL…

  12. What can I say that hasn’t already been said other than I really love this and every time I read it again it leaves me in more awe

  13. Wow, this was fantastic. I’m so glad you decided to participate in the tag. I love the way you saw the words….amazing really.

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