Dunce #Nine



Who cares – your body wanted to rip,
her curves wanted to burst and energy
wanted to explode with a madness
removed from the leash of its civility…

You made marks crashing and burning the
lives of others and now you have let your
porn mind wander the line between what
you said and what you have done.


Your pick up sticks collapse into piles of
splinters and you have fallen into the vice
of controlling, your respectability replaced
by a recording…

The robe will be black and the justice wheel
will turn – and your future will shrivel after
reading scorn letters written and sent to big
city editors.


The pretty one was loose, hot and sexy, and
you discarded propriety and work schedules,
demeaning the seen who now see you as
something squirming.

You had to have her, and picked her from a
catalog of legs, and breasts – when the head
she would give seemed important and


You traded, and gave up on the moist folds of
the woman at home, never considering that
what would be betrayed was more than

Cuz you “needed” to leak and spray all over
her and fantasize yourself as a great and studly
lover, seducing and stretching her like
a garter.


13 responses to “Dunce #Nine

  1. This is reality, man, I dig it.

  2. wow, that was intense.
    “You traded, and gave up on the moist folds of
    the woman at home, ”


  3. Excellent, Poetman… and quite topical, too, given the misadventures of a certain New York politician. One of your best, I think…

  4. tomachfive – this guy had a shovel…and he dug himself deep…and well – thats f*cked…if I may say so…

    krkbaker – it was intense to write and I thought about it before posting it cuz it made me feel a little dirty to write it…and she his wife – the woman that all men want – someone who will support them…well she seemed forgotten..

    Bob – thank you – I think I am going to start using some topical themes to write about…we’ll see…what happens…

  5. Yes, very sharp write, well done, PM.

  6. Very potent! The soon to be ex-governor needs to read this. Maybe should have read it before he stretched that garter…

  7. startling, powerful, such effective imagery.

    so much so that now i want to take a very long, heavily perfumed bath, and get very clean.

    well done, sir.

  8. Jo – Yes I whetted a knife for long hours to create this slice of life – Thanks for noticing…

    thepoetryman – I agree, but can he read…?

    dame – Thank you – perhaps all of us could use at minimum a shower…

  9. Though this is topical, I think it’s really universal. It pretty well describes most marital infidelity, and how people want to see themselves (or lie to themselves) when they indulge in it. And, as a compliment to you, my first thought after reading it was, “Ewwww.”

  10. yeah, pretty graphic.

    I liked it as a poem, particularly the beginning. When it became more specific, I donno. It seemed less special. I guess too much coverage of the Spitzer thing. The coverage is so hypocritical, in Europe they must laugh at how prudish we are, how big a deal we make out of other people’s shame, all the while veiling our own.

  11. peggynature – thanks…

    amuirin – this poem is not a condemnation of human folly, but rather a reaction to the contrary actions of one, who has gone after so many others…Your average person would deserve more compassion than ol Elliot. Thank You for commenting…

  12. poet4,
    I agree, but can he read…?

    Wha? Of course he can read.

  13. yea, but not the signs on the wall… 🙂

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