The following is a dream recitation…

There was sound, and its surrounding
feeling of swirled confusions, and a forest
where trees bent beat by godlike and
unseen drummers.

There was a clear and calm middle where
everyone either wanted to be, or no one
wanted to leave to watch reruns about
the shenanigans.

There were young cocks fighting bold and
bolder goats at the border between what
is meant and what is not, and life did just
fine, albeit squished in the middle.

You and I were there arising.

There is an outside over there wanting to
be an inside here and Sendak was standing
at the door of his odd world crying,
wearing buffalo horns.

There was a fat and pudgy child – hat in
hand spare changing for a change, trying
to stand on two stout legs and say
something about including…

There is an all, a meant to be, and there it
will be crowded, so come to life living, and
prepare to share your heart or sleep alone
in agitated slumbers.

The preceding was just a story…





Image by Scherer & Ouporov


7 responses to “Up-rising…

  1. I enjoyed this, Poetman, and the last stanza is very moving.

  2. I enjoyed the dreamlike feel to this, the third stanza is particularly intriguing

  3. And what a story it is. The tone surely stays in the dream world, vivid imagery.

  4. Just beyond the touch of reality, unsullied by mankind’s conventions. Unhesitant and unapologetic… delicious.

  5. Jo- Thank you and it is nice to have moved one who has moved so many others…

    Crafty Green Poet – I guess I am a dreamer…from California…no less…!

    Tumblewords – Thanks for stopping by…and stop and visit again… 🙂

    Bob – Thank yous Sir! and it is more like that I am unapologetic about being sullied… 🙂

  6. I once was from California myself. I suppose I needed to move further into the desert to dry out, as it were. My dreams are crustier now.
    The first half, particularly, spoke to me: sound, swirled confusions, clear and clam middle, the border between…..all soak my soul with hope.

  7. Muse – I concur…perhaps poetry is that sort of special water…Be Well…

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