random”I”zed Poetman eyes

i among eye

(Just act natural)

Leave a door open and a fly will
enter, touch, and taste a little bit
of everything.

A steak left to thaw will be eaten
by a dog who thinks “lucky me, no
ones looking.”

(OK so your not the greatest)

When singers sing operas in
showers, it’s likely later they’ll
have nothing else to sing.

Mirrors show what no one else
sees, what you’ll forever explain,
and are surprised at being.

(what is anything really?)

Microbiology is about small
stuff, and thats cool except its
hard to admire an atom.

It’s difficult to put faith in any
science or religion which can’t
prove the concept of zero.


8 responses to “random”I”zed Poetman eyes

  1. The question of where one should put his/her faith is the great absurdity of life. No sooner is it invested than it is betrayed, leaving us scurrying to the next-best place, the next best Great Zero Explainer.

  2. Bob –

    I like the dilemma of your response and its honesty.

    I have no real problem with me putting my faith (“Faith = a reasonable explanation (whatever that is) into something and having that blow up in my face – thats life and I code that as learning.

    My problem is with religious or scientific institutions who have codified a “faith” for everyone and who have done so with so very little “evidence.”

    Thank You

  3. Oh, don’t get me wrong… I agree with you. Religion, when reduced to its lowest common denominator, is a non-logical attempt to explain the unexplainable. ‘Agree with me and get down on your knees and pray or you’ll spend eternity in Hell!’ By comparison, Genghis Khan was an absolute pacifist.

  4. The second stanza was my favorite. The picture, woah. Quite the eye opener.

  5. amuirin – you’re funny…wonderful sense of humor and there is that deep soul…thanks for coming…

  6. The last stanza thrust me deep into the void which is mortality.

  7. thepoetryman – and as mortals we still believe in immortality…and who is to say any of us is wrong for trying…

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