Icarus OH Icarus, I have found your wings…


I will go until I can not go and I will
fall as far as any of us can fall, and I
will recast Icarus’s wings once I have
fished them from the sea and I don’t
care how many times this may be, or
will be necessary.

I will to will and I will do what I will
and as I wish I might, or as I dreamed
I could, and I will suck ether or act in
a play as a salesman hoping he might
arrive at the door of a housewife who
needs everything.

I will be who I am and as you may not
remember I was and as who I may be
already, and if this is fiction, then tell
the Minotaur to go to hell, that I won’t
be dining with him at 11, for misery or
any other matter.

…though one of us may go hungry…


4 responses to “Icarus OH Icarus, I have found your wings…

  1. I hear you, Willie Loman… I hear you. Crete will never be the same.

  2. Very good, I love this myth and you have served it well.

  3. Beautiful! The death of a salesman indeed…

  4. Bob – somehow Willie follows me from time to time, and this time when I turned around we were in Crete…go figure…Willie was a salesman who got around…

    JO – Thank you – I try, I really do…

    thepoetryman – Thank you…be well…did you find this yet…

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