Suffering Obligations of Love…


Or why I am not always popular with others…

Separated from the present, a fool attempts to undo the sufferings of the past experienced by others in an unworkable attempt to be their hero, and thereby establish themselves as the family member in charge of the future. And if this is not folly, then it is at base, a way of ignoring other useful strategies to address the uselessness and powerlessness they feel as individuals, and a way of masking their inner sense of inferiority and personal failure at changing the impossible.


8 responses to “Suffering Obligations of Love…

  1. hello πŸ™‚

    In my own life, I identified this as my own codependent tendancies. By focusing on ‘helping’ or ‘fixing’ others, I was a pro at denying my own issues.

    fortuntately, once a thing has been recognized, it can be changed.

    Namaste….Peace…and may the Force be with you πŸ˜‰

  2. It doesn’t have to be that absolute nor dire.

  3. Grace – Thank You…and I agree…

    TIV – For me – If were to continue trying to save or salvage the past and those who lived there, then I think it would be that dire…for me this is true…Be Well…

  4. I think the time spent attempting to rectify the past would be better spent in trying to rectify the present…or create a new one.

  5. I know very few parents who’ve not experienced these feelings. I think it would be very difficult to accept the responsibility of the care of others without feeling the fool from time to time. The fact that you recognize it speaks to your capabilities in instilling the very values you consider yourself lacking.

  6. a very honest post to which i relate.

  7. That does sound a bit of a bummer, I must admit. But I’d think it would make you popular, or more popular at least than someone who *didn’t* mask their sense of inferiority and personal failures at changing the impossible.

    Just sayin. Loneliest guy at the party is the nihilist who slammed down a truth serum with his martini.

  8. thepoetryman – rather than to state “rectify” I would say that it is better to stay in the present and to every once in a while make future pictures of ways to be a more useful me…Thanks…

    Bob – Thank you…and everyday I more or less shed the skin of the past…and at the same time respect its learning…Peace…

    Jo – Thank You…and Be Well…

    amuirin – well its a good thing that I do not drink…indeed…

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