Sing Me Happy Birthday

bd with micky


13 responses to “Sing Me Happy Birthday

  1. “Happy Happy Poetman” You’re awesome and your poetry is over the top great!

  2. Allow me to wish you well on the anniversary of your emergence into this strange and wonderful reality.

  3. Happy birthday! May you have a wonderful day, laugh alot and get a buzz( or not). It is a pleasure to know you and be able to wish you all the best on this day. Veronicaromm

  4. Yea, dude, what they said! I, too, wish you (in the words of a dear Scottish friend) the best to your elbow.

  5. Happy birthday to you,
    you live in a zoo,
    you look like a monkey,
    and you smell like one too…

  6. Hippy happy hoppy birthday, eat and drink lots!

  7. Happy burpday!!!!!!!!!!! have a cigar, yayayayaya, where’s the party? I was gonna get you a present but they didn’t have any walking frames left, Methesulah, woohoo, Happy burpday to you,

  8. 1POET4MAN,
    Happy birhday my friend!

    If you weren’t so gifted already I’d have gotten you something…

  9. Richard – Wow thats what I call a great first time comment – you come back OK, I need ya… 🙂

    museeditions – indeed a strange and wonderful reality, I wouldn’t trade mine for any other…Thanks!

    Veronicaromm – …and I thank you…for well wishes…

    Bob – my elbows don’t get much exercise anymore…my mind is clear, which is interesting cuz it use to be a stone…Thanks for your comments and your support…

    currerbell – oh thats very clever… 🙂

    JO – Thank You, by the way I haven’t been a hippy for years…

    gingatao – Thanks…

    thepoetryman – and my being gifted stopped you from getting me a gift…dang, I won’t try so hard in the coming year…thanks…have you read the post here where I sited your site as inspiration…that was my gift to you…be well…

  10. No. Continue, poetman, to bring us wonderful writing. It is your constant gift to those that read your words.

    I have not seen the inspirational listing, but I am flattered.


  11. thepoetryman –
    Here it is the one inspired by your site and your prompt that I contribute to it…
    and I would have contributed to your site directly, except to do so requires that I use blogger and I do not wish to do this…Be Well and Take Care…

  12. happy birthday, though tardy

    words, words, words
    your terrain, your domain, keep spinning them.

  13. amuirin – I spin and am spun by them…and now I go to lay down for I suddenly feel faint and dizzy… 🙂

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