…what the other animals knew…

Houdinis Bird

Hurry and then wide angle see sight
explode into bits of candy looking into
the face of forever.

Want what you want, and try to
explain what you want to the dream
standing with a ticket in a theater.

A black hat drapes a magic trick and
a stage light startles a bird in a secret
closet where something found lives.

You knew this bird, and flew with
him until he left after you told him
what the others animals knew too

be true…about you.




Image by Tony Fitzpatrick


9 responses to “…what the other animals knew…

  1. i adore the title of this one, and what leads back to it. bravo, sir. and thank you.

  2. be true about you

    so true. so true.

  3. Thank you Dame and krkbaker…Its been hard and brilliant and thats what makes life so interesting…

  4. Poetman, I’ve just been on a learning curve to try to crack poetry – something I’ve never managed to do before. I’m even beginning to understand some poets – sadly, though, not you.
    This is not a criticism of you, but me. Some day I’ll crack the abstract 🙂

  5. Hello Anthony – Just as long as you don’t try to put it all back together…

    1st stanza – go meta to your experience of yourself, and then you will see all the sweet parts of yourself, or about the future…

    2nd stanza – Know what you want and reconcile the logical and reasonable part of yourself with the part of yourself that has a dream to be or to do better.

    3rd stanza – when we do discover how to do stanza 2 then it will be as if a spell has been broken and this will startle a friend or lover.

    stanza 4 – often people will leave us when we start to live our lives more fully.

  6. I love this. The Great American Pin Up blog has a thread right now on Noah Eli Gordon’s book Novel Pictorial Noise and the thread is on American surrealism. So this has led me to ask: Has there ever been American surrealist movement in American poetry, or simply the occasional poet or poem that attempt it. Would you say your poem is surrealist? Is this picture surrealist?

  7. be true…about you

    Lovely my friend.

  8. albert – that is an interesting question – I don’t think so – I am not really up on any surrealist art movement in America, although as Americans we are quite surreal – so surreal in fact many of us don’t know that we and our views our unrecognizable as real…I think that this poem would have to have less sequentiality to be surreal…as for the picture – you decide…Thanks…

    thepoetryman – Thanks…

  9. Re: Stanza 4. You said—
    “often people will leave us when we start to live our lives more fully”
    would it be safe to say
    often people will leave us, and we will often leave people, when we start to live our lives more fully?”
    Just searching for more understanding.
    Thank you poetman

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